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Pre Inca & Northern Kingdoms


13 days / 12 nights

Día 1.-  Lima - Trujillo

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Trujillo. Reception and transfer to hotel.

We went out to see a show and demonstration of the Peruvian Paso Horses. Back Accommodation


Día 2.- Trujillo – Templo del Sol y Luna - Chan-Chan - Huanchaco (Breakfast)


Excursion to Chan Chan archaeological complex. Visiting the Temple of Arco Iris or Huaca del Dragon, Tschudi Palace, one of the nine best preserved cities, its walls are decorated with friezes in high relief, we`ll tour ceremonial plazas, reservoirs, granaries, temples or hearings and burial platform.

Continue along the Moche Valley, to the Temple of the Sun and Moon, whose walls are decorated with beautiful arabesques in high relief with motifs from Mochica mythology.

Time for lunch. In the afternoon, City Tour, visiting the most important monuments of colonial architecture both civil and religious.

Return to hotel, dinner and accommodation in Huanchaco.


Día 3.- Trujillo – Cajamarca  (Breakfast)

Breakfast. Very early in Huanchaco will see the horses of reeds (ancient craft Moche), until now, used by the natives for fishing operations. Departure to Cajamarca. Reception and transfer to Hotel. and then, we continuing our journey to Cajamarca.

Arrival and accommodation in Hotel. Following, visiting to the Baths of the Inca.

Those who wish, can take and enjoy a leisurely bath of medicinal waters.


Día 4.- Cajamarca – Cumbemayo ( Breakfast, Lunch)

Breakfast. Tour to Cumbemayo complex.

The Archaeological Complex of Cumbemayo, a place where the highest hydraulic technology of ancient Peruvian communities and the impact of time upon nature are wonderfully combined. In an important section of the route there are also impressive and rare geological formations, where some will identify the

shapes of monks forming part of a procession. For this reason, this stone forest located in Cumbemayo is known as Los Frailones (The Friars). Visiting the viewpoint of Bellavista, Layzon, The Sanctuary (Petroglyphs), The Forest of Rocks, Ceremonial Altars, The Megalithic Channel. Lunch. Return to the hotel.


Día 5.- Cajamarca – Leimebamba – Chachapoyas  (Breakfast)

Breakfast. Depart to the city of Celendin and to Limón village, we crossed the Marañon river and we continue to Chachapoyas. Accommodations.


Día 6.- Chachapoyas – Falls Gotca – Chachapoyas (Breakfast)

Breakfast. We leave early to the city of Cocachimba, where we begin our trek to the Gotca waterfall, one of the highest in the world. An experience that fills us with adrenaline. Return to Cocachimba, and exit Chachapoyas. Accommodation.


Día 7.- Chachapoyas – Kuelap - Chachapoyas (Breakfast)

Breakfast. Departure to Kuelap, walled city pre-Inca, situated at 3,000 m It is a monumental piece of architecture that served as the political, religious and military center of the Chachapoyas culture.

It is strategically located on the top of a mountain, from where dominates the surrounding valleys..

Kuelap, is surrounded by a huge wall of 20 m. high, contains a number of archaeological remains that amaze visitors.

It has an ingenious system of admission to the citadel where you can enter only one person at a time, in this way, the visitor or enemy was at the mercy of the defenders of the place. Inside, there is another wall which reaches 12 meters and divides the citadel. For many, Kuelap is as exciting as Machupicchu. Being Kuelap, older than Machu Picchu.

Lunch. We continue to Chachapoyas. Accommodations.


Día 8.- Chachapoyas - Leimebamba (Breakfast)

Breakfast. Early departure to the town of Leymebamba. On the way to Leimebamba, we'll visit the Mausoleums of Revash. Time for lunch, Visit the famous museum with its great collection of orchids and mummies, in an excellent and unique state of conservation of the Chachapoyas.

Return to Chachapoyas. Accommodation.


Día 9.- Chachapoyas - Karajia (Breakfast)

Breakfast. Departure to visit Karajia Pre Inca burial site of the Sarcophagus of Karajia located in inaccessible cliffs that have stood the test of time. Then visit the village of the dead, believed to have been dedicated to the worship of dead rulers their highest. Lunch. Return to Chachapoyas. Lodging.


Día 10.- Chachapoyas - Chiclayo (Breakfast)

Breakfast. Free time to walk around the city and visit their market where they use barter or merchandise exchange. Departure to the city of Chiclayo, (Night in bus) Arrive and transfer to hotel.


Día 11.- Chiclayo (Breakfast)

Breakfast. Visit the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum where you can see a replica of the tomb of the Lord of Sipan, and various pieces of pottery and metalwork.

This museum has been rated by experts as one of the best and most modern in South America.


Día 12.- Chiclayo – Sican, Bosque de Pomac y Piramides de Tucume (Breakfast)

Breakfast. Departure to Ferreñafe, to visit the Museum of the Lord of Sican is very educational for the greatness of the Mochica culture, skilled navigator, marketed their products with North civilizations reaching what is now Mexico and whose pieces of gold and silver are which aroused the ambition of the Spaniards. Lunch.

Visit Pomac forest and the archaeological complex of Túcume or Valley of the Pyramids, (40 minutes from Chiclayo), an important archaeological complex of the Lambayeque culture (BC 1,000 1,350 AD), consisting of pyramids from where you can see all the valley.


Día 13.- Chiclayo – Lima (Breakfast)


Departure to Trujillo in private, on the way we will visit the Complejo del Brujo and the Lady of Cao, we continue to Trujillo to take your flight back to Lima.

End of our Tour.




  • All transfers, buses and tours indicated in the program
  • 11 nights accommodation at Hotels
  • All breakfast, and meals indicated.
  • Tour guide during the whole excursions and entrance tickets to every place visited.




  • Flight Lima – Trujillo –Lima ( aprox. US $. 160)
  • Tips.